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USA Import Fee Schedule
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Import Fee Schedule
Import Handling Fees effective January 1, 2010
Please note the following handling charges apply to import shipments as of the above date.

Ocean Imports
  • LCL - Less than container load
  • Handling Fee: US$85.00
  • Transfer of documents Fee: US$65.00
  • FCL - Full container load
  • Handling Fee: US$85.00
  • Transfer of documents Fee: US$75.00
LCL - Less than container load
  • Handling Fee: Can$65.00
  • ACI Fee: $35.00
  • Transfer of documents Fee: Can$55.00
FCL - Full container load
  • Handling Fee: US$85.00
  • ACI Fee: $35.00
  • Transfer of documents Fee: US$65.00
Air Imports
  • Air Freight - Handling Fee: US$85.00
  • Air Freight - Handling Fee: Can$85.00
  1. For any customs charges like VACIS or a customs exam or demurrage or detention charges passed on by the carriers these are charged at cost plus our 25% (Administration and Handling fee) on top of the actual charges for any of these customs charges. These have to be paid prior to the release of the shipment.
  2. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY PERSONAL OR EVEN COMPANY CHECKS for payment of any import charges unless it is only our handling fees of less than $100.00 (where we do not have to pay out any charges to the line or coloader). We can only accept checks from A LICENSED CUSTOMS BROKER otherwise the payment must be made by bank transfer, certified check, bank check, bank draft, postal money order or cash.
  3. For Canadian imports we invoice charges in either Canadian Dollars or U.S. Dollars, this would be determined by the other charges being billed out.
USA Import Customs Clearance Charges
If the Importer asks us to arrange for their customs clearance we can use a 'House Broker' and we normally charge as follows:

  • Customs Entry: $185.00 (Commercial cargo) $255.00 (Personal Effects)
  1. Merchandise Processing Fee (charged by customs): .21% of FOB value
  2. Bond charge: $5.25 per $1000.00 on CIF (including the import duty) value Min.: $45.00
  3. Harbor Maintenance Fee: .125% of FOB value
  4. Actual Import Duty as imposed by US Customs
  5. Postage, petties and messenger fees as needed.
  6. In addition there might be local charges charged by the ocean carrier and the terminal or warehouse
Canada Import Customs Clearance Charges:
  1. Customs Entry Fee: Minimum Can$185.00 (Commercial cargo)
  2. A Canadian customs brokers charge based on a percentage of the value of the cargo we need to have the value of the shipment to give an accurate cost for the clearance.
  3. All commercial shipments to Canada are subject to GST or HST (Tax) plus possible import duty depending on the goods.
  4. Personal Effects must be cleared by the actual importer as Canada Customs does not allow a broker to clear them.
Please let us know if you have any questions/comments on the above.
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