Cargo International Logistics Inc.


Cargo International Logistics Inc., is able to provide a full range of third party logistical services for the domestic and international shipper. It is a one-stop service for U.S. shipper or for overseas importers that buy from suppliers in the USA or Canada.

A typical customer only needs to contact CIL and provide the details of their requirement and within hours, the wheels can be in motion. CIL will contact the domestic trucker to pick up the cargo from the shipper's facility, arrange export packing and crating, if necessary. Transportation to the port would be arranged as well as full Marine Insurance under our blanket policy. The ocean freight movement to the country of destination is arranged using fast modern vessels with participating Ocean Carriers, NVO's and licensed Freight Forwarders that provide the link in the CIL chain..

Once the shipment is at the overseas port all the local services necessary such as customs clearance, delivery, warehousing storage, repackaging and labeling and much more can be arranged by participating agents as needed.

CIL provides a full "Third Party Logistics" service from door to door, if necessary, and will arrange for all the paper work and formalities for be completed by participating forwarders and brokers. The best rates can be negotiated from all the subcontractors and the savings passed on to the customers.

CIL has built up a chain of cooperating carriers, vendors, agents and other transport methods to work with them to provide the exporter with all the services to get their shipments to the destination.

CIL in its role as cargo agent knows the needs of the large and small firms alike. CIL can have a specific route and transportation pattern "tailor made" for most freight movements to most overseas destinations as well as providing their normal "point to point" services.




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